V8 Wins BIF Seedstock Producer of the Year

V8 Ranch was selected as the 2011 “Seedstock Producer of the Year” by the Beef Improvement Federation.

This award is given annually to one seedstock operation in the United States, selected from a list of 12 regional winners who are named to the seedstock honor roll of producers.
Ranch owners Sloan and Mollie Williams were presented the award from BIF and BEEF magazine, and were accompanied by family members Jim & Luann Williams and Brandon & Rachel Cutrer who also work on the ranch.
Here is a quote from the awards presentation….
V8 Ranch was recognized for their outstanding management practices as seedstock producers. As a hands-on, working family ranch, they are very proud of the fact that V8 Ranch has been worked and managed by their immediate family each and every day of the year. They are also proud that today there are three generations of the family working together daily for their combined goals of success.
The ranch operates in a four-county area on approximately 5,000 acres of land, both owned and leased, along the Texas gulf coast. The purebred Brahman herd consists of 300 breeding-age females with a large emphasis on ET. Their Brahman herd is primarily a closed herd, with a focus on linebreeding exceptional cow families since 1944. The purebred Shorthorn herd includes 30 breeding-age females.
In addition to these herds, they currently own and manage a commercial herd of 1,400 females that are part of their Brahman F1 program. These Brahman-influence females are used in a three-breed rotation mated to Angus and Hereford bulls to create Brahman F1s. The resulting offspring are then bred to Charolais and Angus bulls for terminal crosses. While they are known for their purebred herds, they feel their experience as a commercial producer gives them an advantage as a seedstock producer since they also have more than 50 years of making a living in the commercial business. Their commercial herd is also used as a tool to show their commercial bull buyers a practical example of how to use their Brahman cattle in a crossbreeding program.
Here is also a link to Rachel’s session as a speaker: http://www.bifconference.com/bif2012/summaries/EmergingTechnologiesCommitteeSeedstockPanel.htm

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