V8 Wins at San Antonio

On February 10, 2019, V8 Ranch exhibited 12 head of registered Brahman cattle at the 2019 San Antonio Livestock Show in San Antonio, Texas. Judge, Pasquale Swaner, of Waco, Texas evaluated the cattle.

Miss V8 486/8 “Sweetie” was named Grand Champion Female. She is sired by +Mr. V8 380/6 out of an Elmo daughter. She is also the 2018 National Champion Brahman Female and this is her only show to compete in since Dallas.

Mr. V8 146/8 was named Grand Champion Bull. He is sired by +Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble” out of +Miss V8 805/6.  He is the 2018 Grand Champion Bull at Houston and was a division winner at the 2018 National Show. These are the only three times he has competed.

We also exhibited Miss V8 805/8, the Calf Champion Female, and Miss V8 674/8 – Reserve Intermediate Champion Female, and Miss V8 622/8, the Junior Champion Female. Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble” was also the Grand Champion Get-of-Sire.



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  1. Rachel it was a pleasure meeting both you and Brandon at the San Antonio show. I was hoping to meet your dad also, but maybe I can do that in Houston. Congratulations on the wins, KK.

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