A Brahman from V8 is more than just a Brahman. V8 branded cattle represent an original bloodline that now roams four hemispheres. It reflects the passionate men and women who have devoted their lives to creating a superior Brahman breeding process and elevation program. Our family stakes its entire reputation on each head of cattle we deem worthy of the V8 brand. It symbolizes our guarantee, our commitment and our promise of integrity.

Upcoming 2019 Brahman cattle Sales & Events

  • October 21-21, 2019 – V8 Ranch Spring Born Heifer Online Sale – Request to Join our Catalog Mailing List
  • October 25  – V8 Ranch Brahman Days Workshop – V8 Clients RSVP Here
  • October 25-26  – V8 Ranch Spring Born Heifers Private Treaty Sale
  • November 11-12, 2019 – V8 Ranch Performance Bull Sale

We want to help you buy your next Brahman…

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We realize that due to the demand of V8 genetics, there are quicker, cheaper ways to buy Brahmans. That’s not what we’re about. In an ever-growing and competitive beef industry, V8 Ranch has always gone out of its way to occupy a spot unto ourselves. It takes extra effort to breed, raise —and yes, even to buy— our cattle, but we think it’s well worth it. Our customers think so too. We are here to partner with you every step of the way, because ultimately our success in the cattle business depends on YOUR success in the cattle business.

We are proud to offer breeding guarantees on every animal sold at V8 Ranch.

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