V8 Ranch Brahman Breeding Guarantees

We are proud to offer breeding guarantees on all cattle sold at V8 Ranch. We have the highest standards of animal health as advised by Wharton Veterinary Clinic and Texas A&M University Large Animal Clinic. All cattle are guaranteed to be healthy and sound at the time of purchase.

V8 Ranch breeding guarantee for Brahman bulls:

  • All bulls are guaranteed to be natural breeders. We prefer to sell bulls at breeding age so they can have a successfully completed fertility test at the time of sale. However, if we sell younger bulls who are too young to fertility test, we still offer a natural breeding guarantee.
  • To help ensure your investment, V8 Ranch guarantees all bulls to be sound breeders for the first breeding season, which is defined as the 90-day-period following the first turn out of bulls.

V8 Ranch Guarantee for Brahman Females

  • All females selling at V8 Ranch are guaranteed to be natural breeders for one natural calf.

If you have any questions, contact us immediately. This way we can do anything possible to help you. Should a breeding concern arise, the buyer is responsible to return the animal to V8. We will have 6 months to work with the  animal and prove it to be a breeder. If the animal is deemed a non-breeder, V8 has the option to select a suitable replacement if available, or issue a credit to be used in a future purchase at V8. No cash refunds are given.

  • This is not a lifetime insurance policy. The guarantee does not cover injury or death. We recommend obtaining a livestock insurance policy to protect your invesment. We recommend Shelia Jensen of Jensen Livestock Agency.
  • The breeding guarantee if voided if any of these occur: injury, death, disease, natural disaster, gross negligence, misconduct, cattle not in a body condition score suitable to breed, or bulls that owners have attempted to collect semen prior to the bulls having an opportunity to breed females naturally. The female guarantee is voided if the animal is shown at livestock shows, if the owner attempts a virgin flush or IVF on the female before she has had one natural calf.

We make no further guarantees, including but not limited to:

  • An animal’s ability to compete or place a certain level in livestock shows.
  • Disposition
  • Ability to produce frozen semen (sexed or conventional) – (males).
  • Ability to produce a certain number of frozen embryos (Females).


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