V8 Ranch Beef

Ranch Raised, Brahman Beef from Wharton County!


V8 Ranch Beef, established in 2018, is one of our family’s ways to sustaining the ranching heritage we’ve carried on for eight generations. We devote our lives to caring for the land and cattle, and in turn, the land and cattle provide a safe and healthy protein choice for local families who love beef and enjoy supporting local farms and ranches. 

V8 Ranch Beef is sourced from Brahman cattle born, fed, and raised in Wharton County on the world-famous V8 Ranch. V8 Ranch Beef is only available for local pick-up, it is not shipped. When beef is available, it will be listed in our online store for ordering and will be available to pickup in Wharton, Texas.

Our next pickup date will be approximately october 1st.
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Beef from the Heart of Brahman Country!
Wharton County is known as the world headquarters for the highest quality in Brahman cattle, and is home of the famous V8 Ranch. Brahman cattle are made for Texas. Enjoy beef raised by a Texas ranching family that’s been in ranching for over 100 years.

The Family Behind The Beef

V8 Ranch Beef is proudly operated by Rachel and Brandon Cutrer, a Texas ranching family who’s agriculture roots date back to the 1800s. Rachel’s grandparents, Sloan and Mollie Williams are the owners of V8 Ranch, where every day there are four generations of the family working together towards the utmost care and management of our cattle for health, nutrition, and genetics that excel in quality. Every calf born on the ranch is personally raised, fed, and cared for by members of our family and our dedicated ranch team.

Each year, we offer only approximately 4 steers, so our beef supply is limited. 


In our summer supply, we will have the following individually packaged steaks and cuts available:

Below is a food service and cooking description of the cuts we will offer, compliments of The Beef Checkoff.

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Beef Cuts Available from V8 Ranch Beef, individually packaged


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To get notified of our next local pickup date, please join our waiting list