V8 Bulls Claim 99 Trait Leader Positions in the Spring ABBA Sire Summary

V8 Ranch bulls recently claimed 99 of the trait leader positions in the newly released ABBA Sire Evaluation, which includes the most recent data to be analyzed from progeny performance, ultrasound and carcass data. This release includes 21 new V8 bulls who were added as trait leaders since the last sire evaluation was completed over a year ago.

“We are really happy to see so many V8 bulls being recognized in the sire summary,” said Rachel Cutrer of V8 Ranch. “This is gratifying for us for several reasons. First, many of our clients bulls are being recognized as trait leaders and that just shows us that their V8 bulls are really making a big impact in our customer’s programs. Second, many of our trait leaders are bulls that are also show-ring recognized bulls. For example, 380 – the #1 sire of champions in the USA – is also a trait leader for 6 areas. Man of Steel, our 2017 Houston Grand Champion, made his debut on the sire summary as the #2 bull of the entire breed for WW. Noble, who is our best upcoming sire of show champions, is the #1 bull of the entire breed for weaning and  yearling. This confirms to us – using sound science and third-party-verified data – that V8 cattle that have been excelling in the show ring are also performance powerhouse and in track with what the industry is seeking.”

Here are a few highlights of the recent Brahman sire evaluation:

  • Many of the performance number values like BW/WW/YW have greatly increased from the previous evaluations. This is due to an across the board scaled up increase in the new data calculation from moving from the old calculation system to the new one.
  • The marbling calculation also changed from being calculated on a IMF scale (value of 1 to 9) to being calculated on a marbling score scale (0 to 900).
  • In the REA category, which is a carcass-based indicator of natural muscling, V8 bulls represented 8 of the 10 trait leaders!
  • In the weaning weight category, Mr. V8 458/7 ranked as the #1 bull of the breed for WW, followed by Mr. v8 604/7. V8 bulls represented 5 of the top 10 bulls of the breed for WW.
  • In the yearling weight category, again Mr. V8 458/7 ranked as the #1 bull of the breed for YW, followed by Mr. v8 380/6 in 2nd, and Mr. V8 442/6 in third. Again V8 had 5 of the top 10 bulls for YW.
  • In the scrotal circumference category, an indicator of fertility, V8 bulls represented 5 of the top 10 bulls of the breed.
  • In the marbling category, 4 bulls represented 4 of the 10 trait leaders, including the #1, #3 and #4 highest marbled bulls of the breed.

Mr. V8 380/6 is our highest rated performance sire. He is a trait leader for 6 areas, making him one of the most highest regarded performance bulls of the entire Brahman breed. Interestingly, he is also the #1 sire of champions in the USA for the last 7 years as reported by The Brahman Journal data. Once again this affirms to us that our cattle are on the right track for performance, and excelling in real-world beef production traits that are important, yet also able to be visually eye appealing enough to win in the toughest of show arenas. 380 is a trait leader for WW, YW, SC, Fat, REA and Tenderness.

Mr. V8 442/6 is owned with V8 Ranch, Windy Hill Ranch and Carlos Lee. He is a trait leader for four areas: WW, YW, Marbling and REA.

Mr. V8 139/7 is a four-time trait leader for WW, Scrotal, Fat and Marbling.


Mr. V8 463/6 is another trait leader for 4 areas including marbling, scrotal circumference, rib eye area and tenderness.

We have several bulls that are triple trait leaders including Mr. V8 332/4, Mr. V8 191/7, Mr. V8 960/5, Mr. V8 287/5, Mr. V8 85/7, and Mr. V8 901/4.

For more information on using semen on these bulls in your herd, please email office@v8ranch.com. Semen is available on most all bulls in the USA and internationally.


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