How Sloan Williams Purchased V8 Ranch

One thought on “How Sloan Williams Purchased V8 Ranch”

  1. Susan Hammons, 129 Shawn Terrace, Searcy, AR 72143
    August 26, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Dear Jim
    I have great memories of first meeting your Dad when he judged at Little Rock and we took him to dinner at a good steak house post show. Will always remember the hospitality we received by the whole family when we visited V8 Ranch and the tour of the ranch and cattle. The best cattle we ever owned came from V8. Husband John is gone now having died at 98. He was still riding his horse on his 90th birthday. I have sold the farm and cattle and moved to Searcy, AR. Still miss John, the farm and the great Brahman cattle.
    Enjoyed reading the article on the Ranch today and know you are following the V8 tradition of the best cattle at a reasonable price.
    Best wishes to you and all your family.

    Susan Hammons, formally of Hammons Chapel Farm in Romance, AR

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