“We believe in the Brahman breed, and we believe in Brahman people.”
– Jim Williams, 1986 V8 Ranch “Visions of the Future” Sale Catalog

What good is knowing A lot about Brahman cattle if you don’t share it with others?

At V8 Ranch, we are very blessed in that we have four generations of our family involved in the ranch, and between all of us, we can usually answer most questions whether it ranges from beef cattle production to technology. But we realize not everyone has that luxury. And we are committed to helping others learn about Brahman cattle. We offer several educational opportunities for our customers and those interested in Brahman cattle. Here are a few ways you can learn more about Brahman cattle.

Make your Brahman Gameplan!

Interest in Brahman cattle is at an all time high! But, we don’t recommend getting started in the breed unless you have an idea of how the cattle can work for you, and how you can make a viable business out of your Brahman herd. The good news is, we’ve made that game plan for you! Watch this free 20-minute webinar in which Brandon & Rachel Cutrer will share a road map for how you can use Brahman cattle in either a purebred or commercial cattle operation. Learn the basics of where Brahman cattle thrive, what makes them a great choice, and more! Watch the free video here!

FAQ’s About Brahman Cattle

We get a lot of questions about Brahman cattle so we have developed this free Brahman FAQ resource page to help answer your most common questions about Brahman cattle.

2019 V8 Ranch Herd Reference Guide

2019 V8 Ranch Herd reference guide – Free download

Every two years we publish an in-depth guide to our herd including photos, pedigrees, performance and more. This year’s guide is over 150 pages filled with information to help you learn more about the major bloodlines of V8 and the Brahman breed. Download the PDF or you can also order a hard copy in our online store.



Use of Brahman bulls in crossbreeding

Benefits of Using Brahman Bulls

The 2 Big Reasons to Use Brahman Bulls In Crossbreeding – Free download

Do you ever ask your buddy where he shot that trophy deer last year? You know what his answer will be….he won’t tell you! Sometimes rancher’s can be like that too. Smart cattlemen in Texas and the gulf coast know that there are two big reasons to use a Brahman bull in your F-1 program. And in this free publication, we’ll tell them to you.



Top 10 Reasons to Use Brahman Bulls

Why Use Brahman Cattle?

Why Brahman? – Free download

This download our top 10 reasons to use Brahman cattle in your ranch and the benefits of Brahman cattle.



V8 Ranch Brahman Bull Development guide

V8 Ranch Bull Development Guide – Free download

This download discusses how we manage our developing Brahman bulls at V8 Ranch from a nutritional and management standpoint. This management style has helped us master the ability to raise and sell commercial Brahman bulls that are rugged and ready to work – without falling apart on you after the first breeding season. Download it for free here.

How to Judge Brahman Cattle

How to judge brahman cattle

Judging Brahman Cattle Guide – Free download

Jim Williams and Rachel Cutrer explain how to judge Brahman cattle with specific emphasis on understanding and selecting for breed character, pigment, hump placement and more. Jim Williams is one of the world’s leading authorities on Brahman cattle judging, including judging the World Brahman Congress in three different countries (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia) and numerous livestock shows. He’ll explain breed character and more.

Why birthweight is important when using brahman cattle in a crossbreeding program

Why Birthweight Is Important When Breeding Brahman Cattle – Free Download

Breeding Brahman bulls means lots of added performance but it also means you must watch birth weights. Find out our magical number of birth weights that “work” and “don’t work” when crossbreeding Brahman bulls bred to Hereford or Angus females.



Want more Brahman information?

Here are some links to our favorite beef cattle educators nationwide. We value our trusted relationships with Extension specialists and industry organizations. Here are some good resources: