June Heifer Sales Procedures

Why we sell our heifers the way we do.

At V8 Ranch, it has always been our mission to do right by each and every client.

Over the years, we noticed that because our heifers sold for such high prices at auction, a lot of clients were shut out of the buying process. In an effort to provide heifers at all price points ($5K and up instead of the $10K auction minimum), two years ago we switched to an appointment-based, private treaty sales model for the majority of our heifers. The top few heifers are still auctioned off, to give everyone a chance at the “very best” of the group, but 95% of the heifers are sold private treaty. We love the new system, because it allows us to spend time with each one of our customers, getting to know them in a way that just isn’t possible in an online auction. This system also gives more people an opportunity to buy in their respective budgets.

How It Works…

The first Saturday when sales open is generally a very busy day. The gates are open, and the demand is high. A master board features all heifers for sale. Each heifer has a card, and a price. When a heifer’s card is pulled, she has been sold. Heifers are sold on a first-come, first-served basis with payment required to secure the order. Note: we accept several appointments for each given appointment slot, which means that arriving at 8am on Day 1 of the sale does not mean exclusive first pick of the herd. Many heifers sell Saturday, but visitors are welcome to keep coming throughout the week when crowds are smaller. Typically, we sell out within the week, so we recommend making an appointment as early as possible. Anyone is welcome to make a viewing appointment; there is no obligation to purchase. Even on our sale days, many people just stop in to look!

Scheduling a sales appointment:

You can make your appointment online through the V8 Ranch online booking system listed below, call 979-532-9141 or email office@v8ranch.com and we will schedule an appointment for you via telephone or email. The first group of appointments, and the beginning of the sale, will be at 8:00 a.m. June 2nd. Each appointment is scheduled for 1 hour; we accept 7 appointments per hour. There will also be a dedicated phone bid appointment time for those who have already previewed the heifers and want to call in with their purchase.  Again, please note that having an appointment in the first time slot, does not guarantee “first pick” of all of the heifers. If the appointment prior to yours finishes early, you can begin your selections as soon as the previously scheduled person is done. If you buy on the first day of the sale, there is a limit of 5 head per person per price group. This prevents one person from buying an entire pen and eliminating all the heifers for others, which has happened in the past. If you want more heifers, you have the option to purchase more after the last appointment on Day 1.

At this time spring appointments are all booked.

This spring we had approximately 25 private treaty heifers (half of what we normally have). In November, we will have 100 heifers available. We appreciate your patience in waiting until fall when we will be able to meet the demand for V8 heifers to a larger group of breeders. If you would like to get on the waiting list for fall please email office@v8ranch.com. Those on the waiting list will be contacted first, in date order. 

Scheduling a preview appointment:

If you want to come early to start studying the heifers, you can schedule a pre-viewing appointment starting May 25th through the sale date. This is a good time to go through the heifers and make a short list of your favorites. Note: no heifers will be sold during this time. We do not email sales lists prior to appointments; our sales list is available when you arrive at the ranch.  Due to the backlog of registration paper processing at the ABBA, registration papers are not available at this time. All cattle are guaranteed to be registered by ABBA at some point, whenever they can get caught up, which is an estimate of July 2018. If you schedule a preview appointment, we strongly recommend that you make a short list of 5 (or more) heifers you like.  That way, if someone with an earlier appointment selects one of your favorites, you still have other great options on your shortlist. We look forward to welcoming you to V8 Ranch. If you have any further questions prior to the sale, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

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