Internship Posting: Fall 2019


Show Barn Assistant / Cow Herd Assistant – V8 Ranch

V8 Ranch is a leading registered Brahman cattle operation. We are looking for a full time intern for the fall semester (approximately September to December).  

To Apply: Please send email with your experience and/or a resume to

Primary Functions:

  • Daily working at the V8 Ranch show barn, helping with feeding, halter breaking and show cattle preparation for show cattle and fall sale heifers. 
  • Attend the National Brahman Show and assist with V8 Ranch show string
  • Help with ranch jobs like working cows, branding, AI, herd testing, weighing bulls, loading out cattle, embryo transfer work, picturing sale cattle, etc.
  • Daily feeding of pasture cattle and frequent trips to the feed store to pick up sack feed.
  • Hauling cattle to bull stud, auction barn, vet clinic, etc.
  • Assist with customer sales/PR when clients come to visit the ranch. Get to know pedigrees of the animals on the showstring and main sires and donors of the ranch to be able to answer questions from clients.
  • Help prepare for the V8 Ranch Brahman Days Workshop in October 
  • Help with ranch upkeep – mowing, shredding, clean up, picking up sticks, cleaning barns, etc.
  • This is just a rough list of typical things that need to be done. But there are many things that may come up and so there are other jobs that may need to be done that aren’t on this list.

Position Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Must have a basic knowledge of cattle and willing to learn. Preference given to those with experience with purebred cattle and show cattle.

Salary + Benefits 

  • $1500 per month base salary + 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom housing provided 
  • Must provide your own truck for daily use. 
  • Regular work hours are M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, and Saturday 8 a.m. to noon, with feeding expected on the weekends and rotated between ranch staff. Working beyond 5 p.m. is frequently required especially before the National Brahman Show (November) and during sale season (late October).

Working Conditions: Outdoor work with Brahman cattle, most of the time at the V8 Showbarn. This job is very physically demanding. During the internship you will be asked to perform certain duties that require lifting up to 75 pounds.  

Recent graduates are welcome to apply. International students are also welcome to apply provided they have the required work visas.



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