The Heads of Our Herd...

Behind every one of our great V8 bulls, there is a great Brahman cow. We’re proud of their pedigree and our reputation as a top seedstock provider of high-performing, structurally sound bulls. Our bulls, all of whom come with documented performance and breeding guarantees, are bred to represent the best of both worlds. They are able to handle heat and drought conditions, yet they still have desirable carcass traits. They are strong, yet gentle. And, they are muscular, yet still able to move well thanks to our focus on structural quality.

The seedstock industry - as a business - exists solely to serve the needs of the commercial catleman. - Dr. Jim Sanders, TAMU

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Semen Sales: International semen sales, please email or (espanol).
AI Certificates: Email

V8 Ranch semen sales in the United States are closed to the general public effective 2017. To purchase semen, clients must complete a 1 time semen sales contract.

  • We offer semen on a select group of all-purpose V8 sires to the public through Bovine Elite.
  • Members of our Genetic Partners Program have exclusive access to purchase special semen from V8 Ranch.

If we can assist you in your selection, please contact any of the V8 team. We are at your service.

Purebred Brahman Semen Sales Agreement