Goodbye Superstroke

Yesterday was a sad day for me. +Mr. V8 287/5 “Superstroke,” passed away on February 22, 2010 at his home on V8 Ranch. He was 12 years old and died at the V8 showbarn, where he spent most of his life. We buried him at the entrance to the blue barn yesterday.

Though he did not personally win the International Championship at Houston, he really became the king of the International Show over the past 8 years. He sired 5 back to back International Champion Get Of Sires at Houston, a feat never accomplished before in the history of the International Show. In fact, he was never beat in the Get of Sire at Houston.

He sired 2 International Champion Bulls, Mr. V8 730/5 “Tomcat” and Mr. V8 960/5 and 1 International Reserve Champion Bull (Mr. V8 924/5). He also sired 2 International Champion Females (Miss V8 143/6 and Miss V8 228/6), and 1 Reserve International Grand Champion Grey Female (Miss V8 144/6). Speaking strictly from the gray side of things, no other bull has sired 2 International Champion sons in the history of the International Gray Brahman Show. (Though 202 did sire 2 International Champion sons…1 Red, 1 Gray). In total, Superstroke sired 4 International Champions and 2 International Reserve Grands, more than any other gray bull in Brahman history.

Superstroke was a bull that truly defined the characteristics you would expect from a Brahman herd bull….beefy, muscular, depth of body, length of body, breed character, and a gentle disposition. Oh, and a giant tail switch. Pretty random, but you could always tell a Superstroke calf because they also always had these big bushy giant tails.
I try to avoid personal things on the Brahman Blog, but today was one I couldn’t resist. Each of us have stories of special animals who have touched our lives, and it sure is sad when they leave us. It’s amazing how Brahman cattle can work their way right into your heart and never let go. Here are some photos of Superstroke through the years…..

Here he is as a 2-year-old bull in the V8 Showstring.
Pictured as a 5-year-old
 Pictured as a 10 year old bull

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  1. Rachel,
    Accept my deepest sympathy to you and your family on the loss of the great Superstroke bull. These animals are part of our families and we feel their losses profoundly. You will always have his outstanding progeny and their progeny, etc. to go on and make their place in the breed, but my heart goes out to you with your loss.

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