Genetic Partners

V8 Ranch is pleased to offer the “V8 Genetic Partners” program. Specifically designed for cattlemen interested in using V8 genetics in their herds to create continued improvement in the beef industry, this program also offers opportunities to participate in our cooperator marketing program. – Brandon Cutrer

How to Participate in the V8 Cooperator program

There is no cost to join! Just complete a herd assessment questionnaire that helps get to know the existing bloodlines in your herd and understand your goals. Existing customers of V8 Ranch are automatically eligible to participate in the program.

Benefits of the V8 Cooperator Program

  • Exclusive semen purchasing options for breeders in the United States, including sexed heifer semen on order
  • 5% discount on semen purchases of 50 units or more (Need help choosing a bull?)
  • 10% discount on semen purchases of 100 units or more
  • Free herd consultation and breeding recommendations, based on your specific breeding program focus, from one of the following industry experts: Jim Williams, Brandon Cutrer or Kolten Thigpen
  • Free sales announcements of your Genetic Partner Program cattle on the V8 Ranch Facebook page (140k followers) and other applicable outlets. Note: Cattle marketed through the cooperator program must have been produced by both a V8 bull and female.
  • Free semen storage at Elgin Breeding Service or Brushy Creek until you are ready to ship
  • Discounts on commercial/crossbreeding semen
  • Pre-purchase opportunities on Houston Stall Party and other specials.

Marketing Assistance for Registered Brahman Breeders

Sale-Bull-ButtsV8 Ranch will help those in the V8 Genetic Partners program promote and market cattle bred with a straight V8 pedigree (V8 sire and dam). We will feature offspring from your V8 Genetic Partners cattle at no charge on our social media platforms and website.

With a following of over 140K fans, V8’s online platforms are a great way to promote your cattle and encourage direct inquiries from our customers. And, since our demand for quality Brahman cattle often exceeds supply, our cooperator marketing program is designed to support our clients while meeting the demands of those seeking exceptional Brahmans.

To Qualify:

We offer customers the option to bring their bulls to our ranch to be marketed under the V8 Ranch umbrella. In order to qualify for this option, customers must adhere to our strict guidelines for bull development. All of the following criteria must be met:

  • Bulls must be sired by a V8 branded bull and a V8 branded cow.
  • Bulls must have an actual birth weight taken at your ranch and weaning weight.
  • Cooperators must complete DNA verification of each animal.
  • Bulls must be dehorned and unbranded.
  • At weaning or shortly thereafter, cooperators must bring their bulls to V8 Ranch for visual evaluation and consideration for the cooperator marketing program. The criteria for evaluation will be overall quality, structure, sheath, and disposition.
  • Qualifying bulls may be offered the chance to be branded V8 and registered as a Mr. V8. Each cooperator will be listed as the breeder on the registration papers. These bulls will enter our V8 Ranch bull test alongside our sale bulls. The top 15 bulls from the test will be sold in our online performance bull sale. The remaining bulls will be marketed via private treaty at the ranch.
  • Bulls that do not meet these requirements will receive the option to be steered with V8 steers in the ABBA Carcass Evaluation program, or returned home to your operation.

Bull Test Charges and Data

Sale-Bulls-Grazing-2The cooperator will receive a copy of the feed costs and any itemized costs for associated care (i.e., veterinary charges, registration fees, etc.) on a monthly basis. Additionally, cooperators will receive a copy of all data collected.

Cooperators will be charged a daily feed charge of $5.00 per day, per head during the bull test. This daily charge may be paid monthly or accumulated and deducted from the sale price at the time of the bull’s sale. V8 Ranch will deduct a 10% commission on all sales. Pro-rated sales expenses will be assessed for bulls that qualify for the online bull sale (this cost is usually less than $200 per head).

Marketing Assistance for F1 Cooperators

Jud-LittleF1 producing clients can also participate in the V8 Genetic Partners program. We encourage all V8 clients to send pictures and information on their F1 steers or females so that we may market them on the V8 website and Facebook page.

For clients with steer calves, V8 will help organize and sell load lots with other cooperators through the Superior Progressive Genetics program. Load lots will be based on age, size, breed composition, and type.

F1 clients also have the option to consign their steers to the ABBA Carcass Evaluation Program. It’s possible that a small percentage of F1 bull calves may be marketed as breeding bulls if they meet quality requirements.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this program designed to thank you, our valued V8 Ranch clients, for your patronage and support you in your efforts to optimize the profitability of your ranches. Thank you for investing in V8 genetics. – Brandon Cutrer

We invite you to learn more about the V8 Genetic Partners Program. For additional information, please contact Brandon Cutrer.