+Miss V8 98/6 (P)


Based on pedigree research and her connection to the Superstroke line, we know the 98/6 cow family blends two of the original 1944 V8 cow families: Ann Forgason 5 (ABBA 4320) and Carmencita 116. This means 98/6 is another line that has been bred at V8 since the ranch was founded.


+Miss V8 98/6 is the cornerstone of our polled program! The 98 cow family represents quality all around, whether you’re seeking polled genes or not.

Origin Story

At the 2003 All American, Jim told Rachel that the ranch had sold an exceptional polled female to a junior who was graduating from high school and ready to end her career showing cows. Jim suggested Rachel buy the heifer—and that heifer was the illustrious +Miss V8 98/6!

Famous Sons and Daughters

+Miss V8 98/6 produced the highly acclaimed donor daughter +Miss V8 797/6 (S), one of our top donors today. The 98 cow family also produced the 2010 National Champion Female (Miss V8 100/7) and 2012 Reserve National Champion Female (Miss V8 274/7), as well as three of the best polled Brahman bulls in the world today: Mr. V8 279/7, Mr. V8 125/7, and Mr. V8 139/7. The young Elmo son Mr. V8 458/7 also comes from this family, out of Miss V8 100/7.

What Makes Her Special?

98 has utterly rewritten modern polled Brahman history. Her influence has unequivocally proven that polled cattle can compete and win at any level.

Fun Fact

In 2004, hers was the highest-selling flush of the Houston sale. She’s hands-down the most accomplished polled cow family in the United States in terms of quality, marketability, and dollars generated.