+Miss V8 983/3


+Miss V8 983/3 is a daughter of JDH Sir Julio Manso and a Suva daughter.


She’s a very feminine, dark-pigmented, moderate-framed lady with an extremely clean underline. She crossed tremendously well with the Powerstroke and Superstroke lines; her family stands out due to its impressive consistency and uniformity. You know what you’re going to get with 983/3, and you know it’s going to be good.

Origin Story

The +Miss V8 983/3 cow family has been a mainstay at V8 Ranch since the early 1990s! Through our early ET program in the ’90s, she produced more than 50 progeny, including standouts like +Mr. V8 700/4, a herd bull for Collins Brahman Ranch, as well as a great many donor daughters for V8 Ranch.

Famous Sons and Daughters

In the early 2000s, we flushed the grand old +Miss V8 983/3 to Superstroke, our leading young herd bull at the time. This union produced the incomparable Mr. V8 815/5 herd bull, Tommy Bahama. Tommy is owned by V8, Windy Hill, and the Canahuati family from Honduras. He’s made a huge impact at all three of these ranches, primarily because he’s known to be a great female producer. He sires dazzling dark-pigmented calves who can work for either red or grey programs.
As for daughters? +Miss V8 983/3’s most significant daughter would have to be +Miss V8 653/5. She’s the mother of The Rock as well as current V8 donor female, Miss V8 997/5.

What Makes Her Special?

Over the years, this cow family has earned its place in V8 record books for bringing consistent high quality in all aspects of performance and grading: show ring, production, and for the commercial cattleman.