Miss V8 805/6

Emerging Cow Family at V8


An Avery daughter out of a Mr. V8 700/3 daughter.


In the current V8 program, she is the best cow family at combining muscle, bone, balance, and extreme style.

Origin Story

805 is probably the most impressive cow on the ranch at this time. Born and raised on V8 Ranch, 805 blends a unique pedigree with +Avery, +Liberty, and +Datapack on the top, crossed with V8 700/3 and Imperator on the bottom. It’s exciting when a great cow with a little different genetic base starts to prove her worth as a super donor and you start to see the formation of a new cow family. Her impact will be felt for years to come at V8.

Famous Sons and Daughters

Mr. V8 146/8 - 2018 Grand Champion Bull at Houston
Miss V8 293/8, the 2016 U.S. National Grand Champion Female
Miss V8 507/7 (former Calf Champion at Houston and super donor)
Donor Miss V8 506/7
Miss V8 317/7

What Makes Her Special?

Not only is she impressive to see, but her production record is stellar. She consistently passes on depth of body and spring of rib contributing to the overall volume and capacity of her offspring. Her calves have fantastic muscle shape, maintain a sound skeleton, and have a feminine, functional look.

Fun Fact

805 is a full sister to Miss V8 952/6, another top cow for the ranch.