+Miss V8 571/3


The +Miss V8 571/3 line is one that can be traced back to original ABBA foundation stock, originating with foundation cow Martha Ann 147.


This line is characterized by its great depth of body, thick tops, and breathtaking style and pigment.

Famous Sons and Daughters

+Miss V8 571/3 produced two extraordinary daughters, +Miss V8 600/4 (“Whitney”) and +Miss V8 606/5.

Whitney is one of the most famous showgirls of all time. She’s a two-time All American grand champion and was the 1995 Reserve International Champion. She had a significant impact in our herd, as well as in the Roberto Canahuati herd in Honduras.

+Miss V8 606/5 is known best for her outstanding daughters, the International Championship duo +Miss V8 143/6 and Miss V8 144/6. This segment of the 571 cow family also brought us our top two herd sires, Mr. V8 675/6 and Bull Eye’s herd sire Mr. V8 670/6.

What Makes Her Special?

Dark pigment and great quality!

Fun Fact

When we visit breeders’ herds that have V8 lineage, they’ll say: “We have a beautiful dark-pigmented heifer that has V8 in her pedigree.” We can almost always predict—it stems from 571/3.