+Miss V8 495/5




Rose is one of three Register of Renown daughters out of the JDH Mr. Manso 288/1 bull, who was himself a Forgason-bred son of (+) JDH Dakota Manso 599.


Cattle from the Rose cow family are characterized by lots of volume, lots of style, and lots of maternal excellence.

Origin Story

Born and raised on V8 Ranch, Rose called Hungerford her home for her whole life. If you asked Jim Williams to name his top three all-time favorite cows on the ranch, chances are he’d include +Miss 495/5 as one of those three. In fact, it was Jim who gave her the nickname “Rose,” because of her enviable red-tinted coat.

Famous Sons and Daughters

Today, Rose is considered one of the major female lines impacting V8 Ranch today. She produced the 2005 Reserve International Champion Female, +Miss V8 209/6. 209/6 then produced two donor daughters, our herd bull, and the 2009 National Champion, Mr. V8 463/6.

What Makes Her Special?

While searching through our archives, we found a copy of our 2000 Power of Production Sale, where we offered a flush in Rose as Lot 3. In the catalog, Jim wrote: “This red-tinged female has been a personal favorite of mine since birth. I know she can produce a great one!” Boy, was he right! Legendary cattleman Bob Massey purchased the flush in Rose for $8,000, producing a great number of exceptional daughters out of that flush.

Fun Fact

Rose was born in 1997 and sadly passed in summer 2012. Throughout her life, she was undeniably the female we all agreed was the loveliest cow on the ranch.