+Miss V8 410/6

Emerging Cow Family at V8


An outstanding Karu daughter out of a Double J female line.


These cattle are known for a lot of power with a eye appealing look.

Origin Story

Born in 2004, 410 was actually born in Welsh, Louisiana, at the home of Watson Land and Cattle. Around this time, we were finalizing the details of our partnership with this great family that has spanned nearly 20 years. 410 was one of the first cattle to start this partnership. When she arrived at V8, we knew she would be a great one. We branded her V8, and she became a highly decorated winner on our show string. She’s made a huge impact in our herd and resulted in many high sellers and champions for V8 and the Watson family.

Famous Sons and Daughters

Herd bull Mr. V8 85/7 “Ocho Cinco” and daughter Miss V8 463/6, the 2011 Reserve National Champion Female. 463 won as a calf under judge Pasquale Swaner.

What Makes Her Special?

She’s a power cow and can be mated to any bull. Her phenotype and overall quality make her one of those cows we label “herd bull makers.” She produced the 2011 and 2012 National Champion ET Produce of Dam.

Fun Fact

She’s a supermodel cow! 410 is one of the most photogenic cows on the ranch and her photo by Manuel Amparan was featured on The Brahman Journal cover.