+Miss 3X Mucho Grande 60/5


"Miss Priss"


This remarkable cow was bred and raised by Emily Dial of 3X Ranch.


60/5 was a beautiful Guzerat type, dark-pigmented, and extremely gentle cow.

Origin Story

Be warned—this story will warm your heart! As we mentioned above, this noteworthy cow family began with Miss Priss. Emily Dial sold Miss Priss in one of Johnny Joyce’s memorable sales for the record-shattering price of $25,000; she was purchased by Stephanie and Bill Vineyard of Kirvin, Texas. In all, Stephanie and Bill had bought more than 100 females from 3X Ranch.
One day, the Vineyards decided they needed to get out of the Brahman business. When they were deciding what to do with their herd, they thought immediately of us here at V8. Stephanie called Jim and offered him a deal: he could come pick any of her 3X cows for $1,750 each. Jim knew Stephanie had Miss Priss, and he had his eye on her. He told Stephanie that he knew she paid $25,000 for her, but he just couldn’t afford that much.
Stephanie said, “No, Jim, Miss Priss is included for the $1,750, just like all the other cows.” See, Stephanie loved Miss Priss and wanted her to go to a good home. So, Jim bought her and took her straight to the front pasture at V8, where she spent most of her evenings getting love and affection Jim and Luann’s daughters, who loved to pet her because she was so gorgeous and docile.

Famous Sons and Daughters

Daughter +Miss V8 287/3 and Granddaughter $Miss V8 910/4
Here at V8, we made sure to breed Miss Priss to the greatest bulls we could; her matings to +JDH Mr. Rha Ely Manso 615 gave us the incomparable +Miss V8 287/3.
+Miss V8 287/3 turned out to be one of our all-time greatest donors, producing breed legends like +Mr. V8 901/4, +Mr. V8 900/4, two Register of Renown daughters, and $Miss V8 910/4, V8’s Vanguard cow and our pride and joy.
In the history of the Brahman breed, there have only been twelve females to carry the elite title of “Vanguard,” which means they’re both Register of Renown and Maternal Merit. 910/4 is one of those twelve. This is a female who excels in both show ring accomplishments and calf production. And to think it all began with a friend offering us Miss Priss for $1,750, because she knew we’d give her a great home.

What Makes Her Special?

We feel pretty certain that today—more than 30 years later—both Stephanie and Emily would be proud of the impact this grand cow, +Miss 3X Mucho Grande, made at V8 Ranch and on the Brahman breed worldwide.

Fun Fact

1978 Reserve National Grand Champion Female.