+JDH Lady Jennessa 347/2

Emerging Cow Family at V8




+JDH Jennessa Manso was born in 1999, and was bred by the J.D. Hudgins Locke Division. She represents a longstanding line of maternal merit and maternal performance


These cattle are known for a lot of power with a eye appealing look.

Origin Story

Jennessa’s joined the V8 herd through fate and friendship. We first purchased her daughter, JDH Pittman, from the JDH sale pens as a young heifer. Pittman did a great job for us. Shortly after Brandon and Rachel were married, they purchased a group of mature cows from John Locke who was wanting to downsize. We asked specifically about Jennessa, since we loved Pittman. John said he still had her, but she was old. He agreed to put her on the deal but we both understood that since she was so old, she may not breed. We put her in Mollie’s name for good luck, and fate took over! We flushed her several times before she passed away of old age here at V8.

Famous Sons and Daughters

Miss V8 709/7, the 2014 Reserve International Grand Champion Female. Miss V8 694/7, the 2013 Reserve National Grand Champion Female.
Miss V8 341/7, a Jennessa granddaughter who is one of the highest rated females in our herd for the V8 Power Rating.

What Makes Her Special?

She gave Mollie Cutrer the start to her Brahman herd, and earned earn a Houston reserve championship banner with 709 and a National reserve championship banner with 694 while Mollie was just 2 and 3 years old.

Fun Fact

Since Jennessa was so old when she came to V8, her nickname was “Granny” and she would kick you every time you put her in the chute. Every day Mollie passed by her in the pasture, she’d yell “Granny’s still kickin!”