Cow Families

Meet the Legends: V8 Brahman Cow Families

What makes the V8 breeding program special? Since 1944, our focus has been on the strength of our cow families—and it always will be. Why? They’re powerful producers of consistent award-winning progeny. Need proof? Get to know our cow family legends below!

Cow families, to us, are the most important thing. Some people line breed to a bull; we line breed to cow families. You get more uniformity, and more consistency. Even on our great sires… we think what makes them great is the cow family they came from. Our goal is to focus on those great cow families and just keep punching out that cow power.– Jim Williams

Now that you’ve met our cow family legends, take a closer look at our herd. The genetics of most of the cattle we feature in our sales can be traced to one of these nine cows, and there’s good reason for that. When you pay attention to pedigree and lineage, you just get better cows, plain and simple.

Because they’re backed by these nine stellar cow families, our present-day herd produces truer, more consistent breeders. Sure, there are quicker, cheaper ways to bring cattle to market, but we believe that cultivating superior Brahman breeding is well worth the extra effort. If you’re interested in learning more about our cows, our cow families, or our breeding methods, please contact us today!