Mr. V8 660/7

(+)JDH Madison de Manso
(=)JDH Riddell Manso
JDH Lady Mcadoo Manso
Sire: JDH Sir Garlan Manso
(+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso
JDH Lady Lisa Manso
JDH Lady Aggie Manso
+Mr. V8 846/5 "The Rock"
Mr. V8 114/6
+Miss V8 495/5 "Rose"
Dam: Miss V8 829/6
+Mr. V8 287/5 Superstroke
+Miss V8 38/6 "Star"
+Miss V8 73/5
ABBA # 927972
DOB 5/1/2014
Owner V8 Ranch

660/7 is a bull that packed a world of muscle and growth into a moderate framed package. His masculinity, loin shape, width from behind, and athleticism highlight why he has caught the attention of cattleman across the globe.

660/7 is a bull that will see heavy use here at V8 because of his outcross pedigree, functional design, and commercial appeal.

Exclusive Australian Semen rights owned by Brett Nobbs.

Actual BW% IMFREAREA/CWTBackfatBreed CharacterCalving EaseCarcass TraitsDispositionMaternalPerformanceShow Appeal
Miss V8 829/6Miss V8 829/6

Dam of 660, from the Rose cow family

Miss V8 38/6 "Star"Miss V8 38/6 "Star"

Maternal granddam

+Miss V* 485/5 "Rose"+Miss V* 485/5 "Rose"

Cow family represented in 660