Mr. V8 596/7

+JDH Karu Manso 800
+Mr. V8 380/6
Miss V8 170/6
Sire: Mr. V8 139/7
+JDH Sir Avery Manso
+Miss V8 797/6
+Miss V8 98/6
(+)JDH Gregory R Manso
(+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso
+JDH Ldy Equito Man438/2
Dam: +Miss V8 464/6
Mr. V8 700/3
+Miss V8 188/5
+Ms Claydesta 203-807U5
ABBA # 927481
Owned By V8 Ranch and Southern Cattle

A top scurred bull that is used heavily here as a herd sire at V8 Ranch. His semen sales are closed to the U.S. but offered each year in our September sale. In 2016, his semen sold for $1800 per unit. He was the highest performing bull of the 2014 calf crop and brings in the powerful 464 cow family, Claydesta cow family, and 98 cow family featuring polled genetics. His dam (464) is the dam of powerful leading bulls Mr. V8 191/7 and 194/7.

Breed CharacterMaternalPerformanceShow Appeal

Mr. V8 139/7 (Scurred)
Sire of 596

Miss V8 464/7
Dam of 596