Mr. V8 194/7

mr v8 194
JDH Mr.Brahman Manso 175
+JDH Sir Liberty Manso
+JDH Lady Remington Mans
(+) JDH Datapack Manso
JDH Miss Acacia Manso
JDH Lady Etta Manso
(+)JDH Gregory R Manso
(+) JDH Mr. Charley Manso 590/6
+JDH Lady Equito Manso 7
Dam: MISS V8 464/6
+Mr. V8 700/3
+Miss V8 188/5
+Ms Claydesta 203-807U5
ABBA # 902942
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mr v8 194

A tremendous herd sire with a stellar pedigree, outstanding performance, and purple ribbons to back up his visual quality. He started his show career as 2012 International Calf Champion and ended it as Reserve Senior Champion at the 2013 National Show.

But it’s not the purple banners that excite us about 194, it’s his carcass merit and performance. He was the highest scanning bull of his calf crop for %IMF (marbling).

He offers the same amount of bone and muscle as his brother 191/7, but offers more moderate birth weights and frame size.

In our 2016 Internet Bull Sale, he sired the top two indexing bulls of the sale. We have been extremely pleased with his production of both bulls and females that have been good enough to show, but are backed with moderate birth weights, performance, and carcass to be accepted by commercial cattlemen.

Actual BW% IMFREAREA/CWTBackfatBreed CharacterCalving EaseCarcass TraitsDispositionMaternalPerformanceShow Appeal
Miss SG Ava 242/6Miss SG Ava 242/6

Reserve Senior Champion - 2018 Kick-Off Classic
Sired by Mr. V8 194/7
Owned by: Wesley Janik

Miss V8 37/8Miss V8 37/8

Sired by Mr. V8 194/7
Springborn 2014 Heifer

Miss V8 464/6Miss V8 464/6

Dam of Mr. V8 123/7
2008 World Brahman Congress Champion
2007 International Champion Female

Mr. V8 194/7Mr. V8 194/7

2012 International Calf Champion Bull

March 2014 Heifer at V8 Ranch Sired by 194March 2014 Heifer at V8 Ranch Sired by 194
Mr. V8 792/7Mr. V8 792/7

Sired by Mr. V8 194/7

Mr. V8 64/8Mr. V8 64/8

Reserve Intermediate Champion - Houston 2018
Sired by Mr. V8 194/7