Miss V8 997/5

(=)JDH Mr.Supercalc Mans
+Mr. V8 189/4
Miss V8 906/2
Sire: +Mr. V8 901/4
+JDH Mr. Rha Ely Manso
+Miss V8 287/3
+Miss 3X Mucho Grande 60
(+)JDH Dakota Manso 599
JDH Mr. Manso 288/1
=JDH Ldy Olga De Manso
Dam: +Miss V8 653/5
JDH Sir Julio Manso
+Miss V8 983/3
Ms V8 735/2
ABBA # 807775
DOB 7/10/2000

Miss V8 997/5 exemplifies the traits that the 983 cow family is known for: super feminine and super producers. And, like most +Mr. V8 901/4 daughters, she is just the epitome of maternal excellence.

She boasts a double shot of V8 cow family consistency…..+Miss V8 983/3 on the bottom side and +Miss V8 287/3 and +Mr. V8 901/4 on the top side.

997 is one of the many excellent donors that we own in partnership with Watson Land & Cattle, and she has produced more than 50 offspring through our embryo transfer program. The bulk of these female offspring have been kept as replacements by our ranch and the majority of her sons have gone to be highly sought after herd bulls for our commercial clientele and fellow Brahman breeders.

Miss V8 460/7Miss V8 460/7

Championship daughter of Miss V8 997/5
Owned by Kaleb Bendy