Miss V8 933/5

+JDH Mr. RHA Ely Manso
+MR. V8 702/3
Queen of Sugarland 175
Sire: +Mr. v8 777/4
(+)Mr. V8 202/3
+Miss V8 666/3
+Miss V8 617/2
HCK Sir Suvaneldo
(+)WR Mr. Suva 203
+HCK Princess Val Suvan
Dam: +Miss v8 4/5
(+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso
Miss V8 407/4
Miss V8 834/2
ABBA # 803568
DOB 3/8/2000

+Miss V8 933/5 is one of +Miss V8 4/5’s four donor daughters in the Register of Renown.

She’s a near replica of her great mother, with that gorgeous dark pigment and signature V8 style. In fact, this photo of +Miss V8 933/5 is one that we have used for years in our advertisements because she exemplifies what V8 females are known for.

She has 26 progeny recorded in the ABBA including Miss V8 697/6, a donor for V8, and Mr. V8 111/6, a herd bull for Fat Dog Ranch.

She is also the mother of Miss V8 416/6, the record-selling $50,000 sale topper of the Houston sale a few years ago.