+Miss V8 464/6

+JMD Elefante Manso
(+)JDH Gregory R Manso
JDH Ldy Rim De Man 123/4
Sire: (+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso
JDH Equito De Manso
+JDH Ldy Equito Man438/2
THA Ldy Opt Stet Manso50
(+)JDH Remington Manso
+Mr. V8 700/3
Miss V8 166/3
Dam: +Miss V8 188/5
(+)WR Mr. Suva 203
+Ms Claydesta 203-807U5
+Miss Diamond T 432
ABBA # 844953
DOB 1/15/2005
Owned With Ganadera Karla Mary

Miss V8 464/6 is one of our top three most significant young donors at the ranch. Whether you are concerned with pedigree, showring accomplishment, production, or carcass merit…464 wins in all regards. • A rare direct daughter of (+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso 590/6, she is also out of the legendary +Miss V8 188/5.

464 is the 2007 International Champion Female and 2008 World Brahman Congress Champion Female.

She currently has three sons in the show barn and future herd sires for the ranch.

We have also noted that offspring of Miss V8 464/6 consistently scan with %IMF’s over 4.0 and demonstrate our commitment to breeding phenotypically superior Brahman cattle with high marbling.

Mr. V8 191/7Mr. V8 191/7

Out of +Miss V8 464/6
2013 International Reserve Junior Champion Bull

Miss V8 464/6Miss V8 464/6

2007 International Champion Female

Miss V8 464/6Miss V8 464/6

2008 World Brahman Congress Champion Female

Miss V8 578/7Miss V8 578/7

Out of Miss V8 464/6