Miss V8 410/6

JDH Manso Grande 488
(+)JDH Dakota Manso 599
JDH Lady Shano Manso
Sire: +JDH Karu Manso 800
(+)JJ Didor Crata 389
JDH Lady Rem S. Manso
=JDH Ms. Rem Manso 7
(+)Mr. V8 202/3
+Mr. T.D. West 270
+WHS Miss Sucresto 0933
Dam: +JJ Ms West Didor 96
+Mr. S.C.R. Ringer 802
JJ Ms Ring Didor 636/1
JJ Ms Dos Didor Crata 733
ABBA # 837119
DOB 1/4/2004

One of our top young donors, this 2004 female was a dominant force in the showring, including being named Grand Champion Female at the 2007 Fort Worth Stock Show and was Reserve Senior Champion at the 2007 International Show.

Truly an impressive female. Her unmistakable style made her a standout in the showring and she continues to be a standout as a donor cow for the ranch.

Many of her ET calves have been selected as keeping heifers on the ranch.

Her daughter by “The Rock” was purchased in 2008 by Adrian Land of Florida.

Miss V8 463/7 and Mr. V8 85/7Miss V8 463/7 and Mr. V8 85/7

Progeny of +Miss V8 410/6
Champion ET Produce of Dam