+Miss V8 228/6

+Mr. V8 702/3
+Mr. V8 777/4
+Miss V8 666/3
Sire: +Mr. V8 287/5 "Superstroke"
+Mr. V8 700/3
+Miss V8 611/4
Miss Choice of USSC 77
+JJ Didor Crata 500
Mr. V8 825/3
JDH Lady Marlene Manso
Dam: Miss V8 901/4
+JDH Mr. RHA Ely Manso
+Miss V8 287/3
+Miss 3X Mucho Grande 60
ABBA # 826874
DOB 1/7/2003

This consistent champion was the 2005 International Champion Female, owned and shown by Courtni Munson of Gonzales, Texas.

Another great Superstroke daughter out of the ABBA’s Vanguard (Register of Renown and Maternal Merit) cow $Miss V8 910/4.

This young cow is just entering her best years of production, and we are very excited about the mating opportunities and potential with this young donor!

She has two offspring currently in the V8 showstring, Mr. V8 830/6 and Miss V8 137/7. These calves have been repeated ET Produce of Dam winners in 2010-2011.

Miss V8 137/7Miss V8 137/7

+JDH Karu Manso 800 x +Miss V8 228/6
2012 International Grand Champion Female
Also the 2011 Reserve International Champion Female
Owned by Adrian Land II of Branford, Florida

Mr. V8 918/6Mr. V8 918/6

+Mr. V8 380/6 x +Miss V8 839/4
2012 International Grand Champion Bull
Owned by Amie Ferguson of Roanoke, Louisiana