+Miss V8 14/6

+JDH Mr. Rha Ely Manso
+Mr. V8 702/3
Queen of Sugarland 175
Sire: +Mr. V8 777/4
(+)Mr. V8 202/3
+Miss V8 666/3
+Miss V8 617/2
HCK Sir Suvaneldo
(+)WR Mr. Suva 203
+HCK Princess Val Suvan
Dam: +Miss V8 4/5
(+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso
Miss V8 407/4
Miss V8 834/2
ABBA # 807784
DOB 9/10/2000

+Miss V8 14/6 is another shining example of the beauty and power that you can expect from the +Miss V8 4/5 cow family.

She is one of four Register of Renown direct daughters from the legendary +Miss V8 4/5.

The photo above depicts +Miss V8 14/6 in the summer of 2012, where she was 12 years old. She exemplifies the maternal traits we strive for here at V8.  You have to admire her feminine look, deep body, huge top, and dark pigment.

+Miss V8 14/6 has produced several outstanding progeny for us here at the ranch, including one of our current donors, Miss V8 13/7.