+JDH Sir Avery Manso 159/7

(+) JDH Dakota Manso 599
JDH Mr.Brahman Manso
+ JDH Lady Grega Manso
Sire: + JDH Sir Liberty Manso
(+) JDH Remington Manso 599
+ JDH Lady Remington Mans
JDH Queen Audra De Manso
+TTT Mr. Suva Crata 450
+ JDH Datapack Manso
JDH Lady Mil Manso
Dam: JDH Miss Acacia Manso
JDH Mr. Elliott Manso
JDH Lady Etta Manso
JDH Lady Jane Manso
ABBA # 839825
DOB 3/20/2004
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We purchased Avery from our good friends at J.D. Hudgins several years ago, and he instantly made a tremendous impact on our program. Very rarely do we purchase outside herd bulls at V8, but we selected Avery as a outcross pedigree to our typical V8 bloodlines.

This Liberty son also features Datapack and Elliott in his bloodline, and is one of the best sheathed Liberty sons in the breed.

His first calf crop put him in the ABBA Register of Renown. He sired the 2010 ABBA Show Heifer of the Year, 2009 International Champion Female, 2009 International Champion Get-of-Sire, and the 2009 National Champion Get-of-Sire.

More importantly, we are especially pleased with the performance and production of his daughters. Avery daughters are some of our best producers, have beautiful udders, and are some of the highest egg producers in our embryo program.

We lost Avery in the summer of 2011, but we have two sons, Mr. V8 614/6 and Mr. V8 620/6 to carry on the Avery bloodline at V8 and worldwide. These two full brothers are out of the National Champion cow, +JDH Marri Holly Manso 50/6 and are full brothers to the famous Miss V8 954/6 show heifer.

Semen not available in Canada

Actual BWBreed CharacterCalving EaseCarcass TraitsDispositionMaternalPerformanceShow Appeal
MR. V8 191/7MR. V8 191/7

Sired by Avery
2013 International Reserve Junior Champion Bull

MR. V8 194/7MR. V8 194/7

+JDH Sir Avery Manso x Miss V8 464/7
Calf Champion Bull - 2012 International Brahman Show

MISS V8 954/6MISS V8 954/6

+JDH Sir Avery Manso x +JDH Lady Marri Holly Manso
Senior Champion Female - 2010 Heart of Texas

MR. V8 620/6MR. V8 620/6

+JDH Sir Avery Manso x +JDH Lady Marri Holly Manso
Reserve Junior Champion - 2010 Fort Worth Stock Show

MISS V8 23/7MISS V8 23/7

+JDH Sir Avery Manso 159/7 x Miss V8 933/5
Reserve Junior Champion - 2010 Fort Worth Stock Show