Brahman Pigment

Pop Quiz: Where are the three places on the Brahmans body that black pigment should be expressed?

According to the American Brahman Breeders Association Standard of Excellence, Section III, the COLOR of American Brahman cattle can be grey or red of varying shades predominate. Brindle, gruella and true white (albino) are disqualifications. Muzzle, hoofs, and switch black. Horns dark. Check out the fall issue of the Brahman Review for more info, but here’s a quick synopsis of what all that means…

The black tail…..
The tail on every Brahman – red or grey – should be black in color, like this bull shown here.

Black hoofs…..

All four hoofs should also be black in color.

Black nose…..
The entire part of the nose should be solid black, like this bull.
Now here’s something cool about differences in the tips of Brahman cattle’s ears…
Hope you enjoy! Watch for more Brahman tidbits in The American Brahman Review’s “Brahman University” column each issue!
The pigment on the tips of Brahman cattle’s ears can be expressed differently, and both are desirable. However, here’s a trick: grey cattle with black tipped ears (like the heifer on the right) were born red and turned grey. Cattle with black tipped ears, along with a black scrotum or vulva are highly likely to offer the versatility of breeding red or grey.

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