Austin Gonzales Proves Hard Work Makes Dreams Come True

At V8 Ranch we have the honor of working with many many outstanding young people through our junior program. This year, one young man really has proven that hard work can make your dreams come true.

Earlier in the year Austin Gonzales and his family came to V8 to look for a junior show heifer prospect. It was their first Brahman heifer. Matt Karisch and Brandon helped show them around, and the Gonzales picked out two heifers. One of the heifers was a little nervous at the time, and since it was Austin’s first heifer project, we told them to pick something a little bit more gentle. In fact, I think we told him point blank, “You will never be able to halter break this heifer.”

But Austin was determined. He loved the heifer and so despite our best advice, he took her home. And that is when his work began. For the next several weeks, Matt and Brandon would have daily talks and texts with Austin’s wonderful mom, Deborah. They talked about halter breaking, feeding, showmanship, and more. Brandon and Matt even travelled to the Gonzales show barn to give them some one on one instruction to help with the process.

This fall, the Gonzales family started attending Brahman shows. I think their first show was the Kickoff Classic. They loved it. They met many wonderful friends, and instantly were hooked on the Brahman breed.

Fast forward to this winter, and guess what! AUSTIN wins Grand Champion Female at the San Antonio Junior Show! This earns him a $10,000 college scholarship. His heifer shows like a dream! She is one of those heifers that is a “one person heifer”. When we were at the Houston Open Show Deborah asked us to help her lead the calves one morning and you could tell the heifer was a little nervous. But yet when Austin arrives, she morphs into this little angel. And when they hit the showring…it’s like magic! They are a perfect pair.

At the open show in fact, Austin placed 2nd in a class of about 25 heifers. He even beat Brandon in the class! We joked that Austin put the smoke on the “big boys” in the open show.

We can’t brag enough about the Gonzales family and their dedication to their Brahman heifers. They are proof that when you want something bad enough, you don’t let anyone stand in the way of your dreams. We are so proud of you Austin and thank you for choosing to buy your show heifers from V8 Ranch!

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  1. Hello Mrs. Rachel can you please email me or mail me these articles so I can put it in his scrapbook..

    Deborah Gonzalez
    P.S. The articles are awesome!

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