Sv8 ranch family sloan williams jim williams rachel brandon cutrerince 1944, Family Matters at V8. 

For four generations, V8 Ranch has remained steadfastly independent and family-owned. That gives us the flexibility to maintain an old-school commitment to our skills, training and history. We only employ skilled tradespeople who are as passionate about Brahman cattle ranching as we are. Our staff has become a part of our extended family, and they deserve accolades for making the V8 brand a highly revered name in the Brahman cattle industry.

But, V8 Ranch founder Sloan Williams, his son, Jim Williams, and Jim’s son-in-law, Brandon Cutrer, are the only three individuals authorized to brand a cow or bull with the V8 stamp of excellence. Why? Because the meaning behind the process is so very important.

The V8 branding iron represents an original bloodline that now roams six continents. It reflects the passionate men and women who have devoted their lives to creating a superior Brahman breeding process and selection program. We stake our reputation on each animal we deem worthy of the V8 brand, a symbol of our guarantee, our commitment, and our promise of integrity.

Both Sloan and Mollie Williams come from Texas families with a passion for ranching. In 1971, the Williams continued that tradition with the purchase of V8 Ranch. For more than forty years, the V8 team has kept true to our family values and our deep ranching roots. Those in the business know why we do it: the love of our cattle. We take great pride in our heritage, our Christian values, our work ethic, and above all our hands-on family atmosphere. Here at V8, we wake up each day excited to reach new heights with our herd while honoring and preserving V8’s time-honored traditions of excellence.

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Mollie Forgason Williams' family ranching heritage began in Wharton County, Texas. The family ranch, J.D. Hudgins, Inc. is still in operation and a leader of the Brahman breed worldwide.


Hattie Cleo "Ol' Bob" (ABBA C1409) born in Brazil, and imported to the United States in 1925. This female would go on to become the most significant imported female in the history of the breed. She was owned by W.S. Jacobs, a breeder who maintained a herd of cattle with pure Indian descent branded "AA" cattle. From Hattie Cleo, the Tippu the Great and Optimus lines developed, which can be found in bloodlines of the original V8 herd.


Mollie’s family at J.D. Hudgins imported cattle from Brazil that would be the base for the American Brahman in the United States. Jim Forgason is the man pictured behind the imported bull, "Rodrigo."


Formation of American Brahman Breeders Association, Lanier Forgason (Mollie's father), founding member. ABBA Member # 35.


Knox T. Williams "KT", Sloan's grandfather, settled in Millican, Texas where he ran a large scale commercial cattle operation. His original homestead ran from Millican to the Navasota River. Williams maintained a herd of Indian cattle as well. From these ranching roots, Sloan developed his innate cow sense and hustle.


Ethel Hudgins Forgason (1884 - 1972) a matriarch of our family. Ethel was a daughter of J.D. Hudgins and she and her husband James Boone Forgason set the foundation for our family's love of the cattle business, and strong women. Ethel often took her granddaughter, Mollie Forgason, with her on her daily chores of feeding herd bulls.


V8 Ranch established by Howard Parker of Center, Texas. Parker was a Ford automobile dealer and thus named his cattle ranch "V8 Ranch." Parker, who didn't know much about cattle at the time, bought 40 females from Marshall Johnson. Parker asked for Johnson to have the cows separated from the calves. He would then select the 40 fattest calves as the ones he wanted and would then have them matched to their mothers. A unique selection process but is seemed to work, as cow power has been the basis for our herd ever since.

The original V8 herd was based from Jacobs bloodlines and later introduced some Manso and Imperator breeding.


Mollie Williams spends her childhood growing up on the J.D. Hudgins Ranch as the daughter of Lanier and Ann Forgason of Forgason Division of J.D. Hudgins. Our close family tie remains, and we hold this ranch at the highest level of respect and admiration.


Young married couple, Sloan and Mollie moved from Millican where he was working for Port City Stockyards to Hungerford. Leon Locke notified Sloan of an opportunity for an open position at J.D. Hudgins, helping run their commercial cattle. Sloan accepted the position and worked alongside Bubba Hudgins. This provided an opportunity for Sloan and Mollie to move back to Hungerford to raise their family.


Sloan and Jim start "Sloan Williams & Son," a business for raising red Brahman cattle. Their herd would be built on a lot of Kubela breeding. Jim and Sloan raised many notable red cattle, including SW Saddle Fancy Lady, Saddle, and more. The herd ultimately sold to Hudson Cattle Corporation.


Sloan Williams Purchases V8 herd, negotiating the million-dollar-deal via a pay phone in Red River, New Mexico during the family's first and only ski trip.


At the height of his involvement in the commercial cattle business, Sloan ran over 4,000 head of Brahman-influenced commercial cattle throughout Texas. He was featured in The Cattlemen Magazine for their commercial herds.


V8 Ranch awarded first National Grand Champion Female, Miss V8 104/2

Jim Williams graduates with an animal science degree from Texas A&M University and returns home to take over management of purebred Brahman operations


V8 Ranch awarded first National Grand Champion Bull, Mr. V8 347/2

"R" shoulder brand established, representing cattle owned by Brandon & Rachel Cutrer


V8 hosts their first ranch production sale - "The Golden Gate Sale," breaking 6 Brahman sale world records at the time. The sale averaged $14,357 per head.


"C" shoulder brand established, representing cattle owned by Luke & Catherine Neumayr


Sloan Williams elected president of American Brahman Breeders Association, serving from 1985 to 1987.


V8 Shorthorns established.


Rachel begins showing in junior shows, winning the 1987 "All American" with Miss V8 450/3 "Mary Poppins"


(+)Mr. V8 202/3 makes breed history by being the only bull to be a 3-time winner of the National Grand Champion Bull and 2-time winner of the International Grand Champion Bull awards.

Acquisition of a significant group of cattle from the dispersal of the U.S. Sugar Corporation. The U.S. Sugar breeding is very evident in our herd today.


Superstroke - Mr. V8 287/5 Born. He won an unprecedented six back to back International Champion Get-Of-Sire championships from 2001 to 2006


"P" shoulder brand established, representing cattle owned by Payton Powell


Sloan Williams inducted into American Brahman Breeders Association Hall of Fame.

V8's 3rd production sale, "Power of Production" grossed over $1 million dollars with cattle selling to top Brahman herds worldwide.


Catherine makes Shorthorn history by exhibiting three back-to-back Junior National Champion Females (1999, 2000, and 2001). Catherine is a past national vice president and Rachel served as national junior board president. Both girls were named national champion showman of the Shorthorn breed.


Jim Williams judges National Brahman Show


Jim Williams elected president of American Brahman Breeders Association, serving from 2003 to 2005.


V8 Ranch is breeder of all 4 champions at the Houston International Brahman Show.

Rachel Cutrer elected to American Brahman Breeders Association board of directors, allowing three generations of our family to serve simultaneously on the board of directors. Rachel served on the executive board also from 2010 to 2014.


Jim Williams judges World Brahman Congress in Mexico


Jim Williams serves as judge of International Brahman Show


Miss V8 464/6 named Grand Champion Female of the World Brahman Congress


Sloan Williams inducted into Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame for his success as a rodeo contractor prior to purchasing V8 Ranch.


V8 Ranch Bull Development Test established, and V8's carcass evaluation program begins. Since 2010, V8 Ranch has had the largest number of purebred Brahman steers in the ABBA's Carcass Evaluation Project.


Jim Williams judges World Brahman Congress in Brazil


"M" shoulder brand established, representing cattle owned by Mollie Jo Cutrer


V8 Ranch named Beef Improvement Association's Seedstock Producer of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes our commitment to the industry in our efforts to produce gentle, high quality Brahman seedstock with carcass merit.


V8 Ranch completes historic shipment to Ecuador of the first live cattle to be exported from the United States to South America since borders closed in 2003.

"Butterfly AC" shoulder brand established, representing cattle owned by Ann Catherine Cutrer

Brandon Cutrer elected to American Brahman Breeders Association board of directors, making four members of our immediate family to serve simultaneously on the board (Sloan, Jim, Rachel, Brandon).


Semen on Mr. V8 380/6 sells for $18,000 per straw.


Miss V8 21/8 earns back-to-back Houston Grand Champion Female titles and is named 2018 Miss World.


V8 Ranch Beef established: the first ever 100% Brahman branded beef program in the United States.