10 Commandments of Showing

Yesterday, while I was working on a project at RHD, my dad offered me to go through his collection of old articles about showing that he had collected through the years. It’s like Christmas in November getting to go through all the old stuff. One of my favorites I came across…a clipping called:

“The Ten Commandments For Parents of Kids Showing Beef Cattle”
by Clyde D Lane, Jr., Extension Specialist at the University of Tennessee

1. Thou shall NOT feed, train, and care for the animal…for you are trying to teach children responsibility.

2. Thou shall forgive a child for making mistakes in the showring…for you have made mistakes too.

3. Thou shall NOT get mad when the child forgets items in the showbox…for one day you might forget the whole showbox.

4. Thou shall help the show management. They are doing a good job at a job you would not want to do.

5. Thou shall see that your child is on time for all show activities, for you would not want to wait on another.

6. Thou shall be sure that your child has the animals entered and the registration papers in order at the designated time.

7. Thou shall teach the child that winning a blue ribbin is a desirable goal, but making friends along the way is a much more worthy goal.

8. Thou shall NOT complain about the judge, for it is his opinion that has been sought that day.

9. Thou shall remember that livestock projects are teaching projects…not necessarily money-making projects.

10. Thou shall remember that the livestock project is a family project that should be enjoyed and supported by the entire family.

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