The V8 Ranch bull battery includes some of the world’s most recognized and demanded Brahman sires, including numerous national and international champion bulls. V8 Ranch had the honor of breeding 3 back-to-back International Champion Bulls in the 2000s. The bulls featured here include our internationally-popular AI sires as well as natural service sires used on the ranch. Many of these bulls have also been selected by other breeders in “breeding up” programs for Brangus, Simbrah, and other Brahman-influenced breeds. Volume discounts and commercial discounts are available.

Our herd reference guide features information and photos on our top sire lines and cow families.

This reference guide is an excellent tool for information on the history and bloodlines of the ranch. It is a 120 page booklet that features a ton of information to help assist you in your breeding decisions. If you would like to purchase a hard copy, you can order one here.

Semen prices published on the website or quoted verbally or in email take precedence over semen prices published in the 2013 Herd Reference Guide, as inventory and availability is subject to change.
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Current Brahman Semen Sales Sires
(Also view our special polled Brahman sires section at the bottom of this page...)


  Mr. V8 85/7 "Ocho Cinco"

mR. V8 114/6


  Mr.V8 123/7   Mr. V8 183/7 "Gator"

  Mr. V8 191/7
  Mr. V8 194/7  

  (+)Mr. V8 202/3   Mr. V8 203/6  

  Mr. V8 243/7   Mr. V8 259/7  
  +Mr. V8 287/5 "Superstroke"   +Mr. V8 380/6  

  Mr. V8 463/6   Mr. V8 614/6  

  Mr. V8 659/6   Mr. V8 675/6  

  Mr. V8 730/5 "Tomcat"   Mr. V8 815/5 "Tommy Bahama"  

  Mr. V8 830/6   +Mr. V8 846/5 "The Rock"  

  +Mr. V8 901/4   Mr. V8 948/6

  Mr. V8 960/5   Mr. V8 977/6  

  + JDH Sir Avery Manso 159/7      
Polled Brahman Sires - Semen Available


  Mr. V8 51/6 (S)   Mr. V8 135/7 "The Butler"  

  Mr. V8 139/7      
Reference Brahman Sires (Semen not available, posted for pedigree reference only)


  +Mr. V8 189/4   Mr. V8 442/6  

  Mr. V8 620/6   Mr. V8 915/5

  JDH Cannon Manso 69/4   + JDH Sir Avery Manso 159/7  
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Order Direct from V8: If you would like to purchase semen on any of the V8 sires, please email us.
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Brushy Creek Custom Sires
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  Elgin Breeding Service, Inc.
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Olga and Henk Van de Laarse

Ag Link International
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