At V8 Ranch, the majority of our cattle sales are conducted private treaty at the ranch, including breeding age Brahman bulls, registered Brahman heifers, Brahman show heifers and Brahman show bulls. Cattle are available year-round on a first come, first served basis. We welcome visitors at any time to the ranch. Give us a call and a member of our family will be happy to personally give you a tour of what is available for sale at that time.
Brahman Herd Sire Prospects for Sale Now Private Treaty

We have several bulls currently for sale at the ranch private treaty. Please contact Jim at 979-533-1279, Brandon at 601-466-7536, Sloan at 979-533-0505, or email office@V8ranch.com  for more information and prices. Bulls are priced starting at $3500 and up.

Mr. V8 237/7
#JADL Rey TE x Miss V8 834/6
DOB: September 2011
Mr. V8 369/7
JDH Cannon Manso 69/8 x Miss V8 99/7 (380 daughter)
BW: 89 pounds
Mr. V8 525/7
Mr. V8 815/5 Tommy Bahama x Miss Pecan Acres 122
Light birthweight and gentle disposition.
Crossbreeding With Brahman Bulls / F1 Program

The Brahman bull is a popular choice for cattleman because of their hybrid vigor, efficiency, heat tolerance, and added performance. For over 40 years, we have focused on providing the commercial cowman with some of the best Brahman bulls on the market. All of our breeding bulls are backed by generations of pedigree excellence, documented performance, and the reputation of the V8 brand. We also offer carcass ultrasound scan data on sale bulls. V8 Ranch prides ourselves on offering Brahman bulls that look good, perform well, and provide the necessary traits the commercial cattleman needs for efficient beef production.

Watch our video to learn more about our
bull sales and bull development.
  Our bulls are all:

Registered by the American Brahman Breeders Association,
Fertility tested,
Documented with performance data including birth weights and EPDs,
Documented with carcass ultrasound scan data,
Evaluated for disposition,
Vaccinated and meet all herd health requirements as recommended by our herd veterinarians. Our herd is Brucellosis-free, TB-free, and tested annually for Johne’s disease and BVD by the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine.
Low birthweights are a top priority for bulls going to be used on Angus or Hereford cows in an F-1 program. We collect actual birthweights on all bulls and also provide Birthweight EPDs. This is an area that we take the time to discuss with all of our bull buyers who are using a crossbreeding program.

Whether you need one bull or a truckload of bulls, give us a call. We guarantee you will be impressed with the uniformity and quality of our breeding age Brahman bulls. Please contact our office for more information!

  Brahman Junior Show Heifers & Bulls

Our Brahman show heifer and Brahman show bull prospects start at $3,000 and up. In 2012, our average junior show heifer sold for $5200. We have spring born and fall born calves, and these cattle are all sold on a private treaty basis. We do not typically picture individual cattle for sale, instead, we encourage our clients to schedule a visit to the ranch, where we will gladly show you through each calf that is for sale, straight out of the pasture. We take the time to help our customers find the best possible animal to fit their budgets. We accept scramble certificates.

We also have cattle for sale from the V8 Ranch showstring. These animals include the ‘elite of elite’ cattle on the ranch and are halter-broke and often have show competition experience. These cattle are especially interesting to those looking for herd bulls and donor prospects.

Scramble Certificates Welcome

Semen & Embryos

Please visit our herd sires page for information on semen sales at the ranch.

We also have an elite Brahman embryo inventory as well, and these embryos can be purchased on a private treaty basis. Please contact us for information on embryo availability. Volume and commercial discounts are available.

Each year we export many embryos to breeders outside of the United States, and these matings are from our top donors and top herd sires. Please email Luann for more information on our current international embryo availability.

  Brahman Replacement Heifers for Registered or F1 Programs

Each spring and fall we offer groups of replacement heifers for sale at the ranch on a first-come, first-served basis. These uniform groups of heifers are from leading bloodlines and meet the strict V8 selection criteria that has established us as the #1 source for Brahman heifers. Again, we recommend calling to schedule a visit to the ranch to personally look through these heifers, and select the ones that best fit your program. Our females sell out very quickly, so come early!

Please call to schedule an appointment or for information
Office: 979-657-2587 • Email: office@V8ranch.com