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sale-coverSpring Born Heifer Sale – October 26-27th

Featuring the top 16 sale heifers of our spring 2016 calf crop!

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The sale will be an online sale held at DV Auction.

Heifers are available for viewing at any time, please email us to schedule an appointment.

Private treaty heifers will be for sale starting 8:30 a.m. on October 28th. Book an appointment.

Also don’t forget our Performance Bull Sale – November 13-14, selling our top 15 bulls of our recent V8 Ranch bull test!



The V8 brand means something to people in our industry.

Bulls-With-BrandBecause behind those two simple characters – a letter and a number – there is a century-old history of pure bloodlines, skilled expertise, and uncompromising standards. V8 is shorthand for a host of sought-after traits. It is also the symbol of our singular focus on producing one of the world’s most exceptional Brahman herds.

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Welcome to the V8 Brand.



2016 International Grand Champion Female and 2015 National Grand Champion Female

More Than A Pretty Face

At V8 Ranch, it’s all about family—our family which has been continually operating the business for four generations and our cow families. Whereas others linebreed to a bull, we have always linebred to cow families. Why? Better uniformity. Great consistency. And real pretty cows.

Our females, who all trace back to nine original cow families, are legendary producers, ranking as some of the highest-valued females in the history of ABBA. Feminine, gentle, maternal, easy on the eyes, and accomplished in every area of selection, our Miss V8s are considered some of the reigning queens of the Brahman breed, winning an unprecedented number of International Grand Champion, National Grand Champion, and All American Grand Champion titles.

And, while we’re proud of our cattle’s performance in the pasture and their success in the show ring, what matters most to us is the substance behind their style. In other words, V8 females boasts more than “just a pretty face.” They reflect our vision of excellence and our devotion to superior breeding. As seedstock producers with roots in the commercial cattle business, our primary focus is always on docility, milk, fertility, breed character and other performance criteria.

458-HeadshotThe Heads of Our Herd

Behind every one of our great V8 bulls, there is a great Brahman cow. We’re proud of their pedigree and our reputation as a top seedstock provider of high-performing, structurally sound bulls. Our bulls, all of whom come with documented performance and breeding guarantees, are bred to represent the best of both worlds. They are able to handle heat and drought conditions, yet they still have desirable carcass traits. They are strong, yet gentle. And, they are muscular, yet still able to move well thanks to our focus on structural quality. Not to be outshone by their female counterparts, our Brahman bulls are consistent champions in the show ring, but their performance numbers speak even louder than their many titles:

  • $6300 – The average price for bulls. Commercial bulls start at $4500 and bulls aimed for Brahman seedstock start at $7500.
  • 112 – The number of days of our performance test, a program every V8 bull completes.
  • 200 – The number of V8 Brahman bulls sold to commercial herds each year to improve heat tolerance and hybrid vigor.
  • 33 – The number of V8 bulls listed as trait leaders of the breed in the 2016 ABBA Sire Summary.

Four-Generations of Our Family

Since 1944, Family Matters. 

For four generations, V8 Ranch has remained steadfastly independent and family-owned. That gives us the flexibility to maintain an old-school commitment to our skills, training and history. We only employ skilled tradespeople who are as passionate about Brahman cattle ranching as we are. Our staff has become a part of our extended family, and they deserve accolades for making the V8 brand a highly revered name in the Brahman cattle industry.

But, V8 Ranch founder Sloan Williams, his son, Jim Williams, and Jim’s son-in-law, Brandon Cutrer, are the only three individuals authorized to brand a cow or bull with the V8 stamp of excellence. Why? Because the meaning behind the process is so very important.

The branding iron represents an original bloodline that now roams four hemispheres. It reflects the passionate men and women who have devoted their lives to creating a superior Brahman breeding process and elevation program. Our family stakes its entire reputation on each head of cattle we deem worthy of the V8 brand. It symbolizes our guarantee, our commitment and our promise of integrity.

Sure, there are quicker, cheaper ways to bring cattle to market, but that’s not what we’re about. In an ever-growing and competitive beef industry, V8 Ranch has always gone out of its way to occupy a spot unto ourselves. It takes extra effort to breed, raise —and yes, even to buy— our cattle, but we think it’s well worth it. Our customers think so too. We welcome you to the ranch any time…we would love to get to know you and your operation and discuss how V8 bulls and females can make an impact in your herd.