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Brahman Bull

V8 Ranch® is home to some of the world’s finest American Brahman and Shorthorn cattle. The ranch operates in a four-county area located one hour south of Houston on approximately 5,000 acres along the Texas gulf coast. The purebred Brahman herd consists of 300 breeding age females with a large emphasis on embryo transfer. Our Brahman herd is a primarily a closed herd, with focus on linebreeding exceptional cow families since 1944. The Shorthorn herd was established in 1986 and includes 30 head of elite Shorthorn cattle. With a rich ranching heritage, we are proud to be one of the oldest continually operating Brahman herds in existence in the United States. V8 cattle are known for their conformation, muscle, fertility, breed character, carcass traits, efficiency and that signature eye-appealing V8 style.™

Cattleman worldwide look to V8 Ranch for outstanding Brahman cattle to be used in seedstock and commercial programs. Brahman cattle are ranked #1 for hybrid vigor, efficiency and environmental adaptability. We have sold cattle to every state in the southern U.S. and exported cattle to more than 40 countries in North and South America, Central America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Our high-quality cattle are guaranteed and our reputation of business integrity has helped us build our business around repeat customers who come to V8 each year for their Brahman bulls and females.

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Brahman Cattle for Commercial Cattleman, Purebred Brahman Breeders, or Junior Showmen
We offer proven cow families and top Brahman sires, with more than 30 V8 bulls listed as trait leaders in the current ABBA sire summary, documented with performance data and carcass ultrasound data on our cattle. We are proud to have one of the most detailed cow production record systems in the Brahman breed, with complete records dating back to 1971. In addition to our purebred herd, we currently own and manage a commercial herd of 1,100 females which are part of our three-breed rotational Brahman F-1 program. This experience gives us an advantage since we have been earning a living for more than 50 years in the commercial business. Through the years,  we have worked with thousands of fellow cattlemen to implement Brahman influence in their F-1 program, using V8 Brahman females bred to Hereford or Angus bulls, or using our low birthweight Brahman bulls on their Angus or Hereford females.

V8 Ranch has bred or exhibited 57 National and International Grand Champions, validating the quality cattle of their herd.  We have been a multiple time winner of the HK Trophy for Premier Exhibitor of the International Show, and are home to over 30 ABBA register of renown females. Our Shorthorn cattle have won championships at Denver, Louisville, Junior Nationals, and many more major Shorthorn shows. In 2012, we were honored as Beef Improvement Federation’s Seedstock Producer of the Year.

Since 1944,  V8 Ranch has been known for excellence in cattle ranching. For the past 50 years members of the V8 family have worked together with a clear goal of breeding for success through focusing on outstanding cow families. As a hands on, working family ranch, we are very proud of the fact that V8 Ranch has been managed by our immediate family each and every day of the year, currently with three-generations working together on the ranch. We give all of the glory to God, who guides our daily lives of doing business with integrity and taking pride in excellence in all that we do. 

V8 Ranch cattle are born and raised in the United States and are registered in the American Brahman Breeders Association. We would love the opportunity to discuss how V8 genetics can work in your program. If you would like more information, please complete our free price request and we will be happy to assist you in your Brahman or Shorthorn purchase.